From occupied Kherson: “It is very difficult to fight an unarmed man against a brainless torso with a machine gun”

Letter from the occupation. Kherson.

 "We are holding on as best we can. You can feel that they are afraid. Very afraid. They can stop anyone in the street and make us repeat several times that they are great, that they are strong, and we want to live with them.

We lower our eyes and repeat it, and it goes around in our heads - how scared you bitches are, if you, for your greatness, need someone to repeat about that greatness. How you're not sure of yourselves.

We repeat it to keep us all safe. Because it is very difficult to fight an unarmed man against a brainless torso with a machine gun.

Because then, when this filth is kicked out of our land, we will need to beautify the city. No matter who we talk to now, they all say the same thing.

 Words that the city smells like rot. We're probably going to need a lot of detergent to just long wash the sidewalks, the houses, and even the trees. Because everything these fiends have touched has the smell of rot.

 Yesterday one woman, a pensioner, refused to repeat that they were great. Three big men stripped her and left her on the street, forbidding anyone to come near her to help.

 For three hours she stood naked in the street and only spoke loudly:

"Don't come near me, my dear. Don't put yourself in danger. Please! We will have a great deal to do... Later!

 And there is more. They steal.

 They steal everything.

 I can't even think of anything they don't steal.

 We've never seen theft on this scale. From children's toys to a crate of rotten vegetables.

 They are afraid because they are constantly putting postcards up in the city.

 Postcards with Ukrainian symbols.

 We are waiting for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And when they are close, Khersonians will use their bare hands to deal with the filth.

They feel it.

So they are in a hurry.

 And we will wait.

 We will wait.

 Clench our teeth, clench our fists till we feel numbness in our fingers, and wait. Because we have something to wait for.

 For once and for all. And none of that filth will be left.

 And then we'll wash the city.

 For a long time.

Tell everyone that Kherson is Ukraine!

 And if you can, pray for us, naming all the Ukrainian names in your prayers. Because those are our names..."

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  1. Guy 1 year ago

    Do whatever is required to survive, your day of reckoning is not far away, it may not be tomorrow or the next, but it will surely arrive, then brothers and sisters we can rejoice together.
    Slava Ukrani ??

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