Maria Prymachenko’s grandson: The most painful thing in war is to lose someone close to you

Petro Prymachenko, a Ukrainian artist and businessman, is now a service member of the unit of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kyiv. The man told the ArmyInform about the creative dynasty of the Prymachenkos, painful losses in the war, and emotions from seeing an enemy tank.

“The war has been going on for me since 2014. I was taking an active part in the Revolution of Dignity, then was doing volunteer work, and on February 24 I consciously joined the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, – says Petro Prymachenko.

The man has been in sheer hell during the capital and Kyiv region defense. But he especially remembered how on one of the positions he saw a rapidly advancing enemy tank.

Maria Prymachenko and grandson.

“At full speed, a Russian tank passed us near Shevchenko Square, then having noticed the position, it directed fire at us. My brother-in-arms and I made a sign of a cross, but at the most crucial moment, the tank ran out of ammunition. That’s why it used a machine gun. Fortunately, other soldiers fired with NLAW and destroyed the enemy”, the combatant recalls. 

In three months, Petro changed several positions, completing various tasks as assigned. However, the hardest thing the man had been through was the death of his brothers-in-arms. “The most painful thing in war is to lose someone close to you. My friend, Father Maksym, was killed by the Russians, and then tanks drove over him. I have never seen greater atrocities and cynicism in my life”, the military recalls with tears in his eyes.

The man is dreaming of the victory of Ukraine, which he sees in the extermination of the Russians. He sees the war between Ukraine and Russia as a confrontation between good and evil.

In peaceful Ukraine, Petro Prymachenko dreams of opening his own art exhibition in his native town of Ivankiv. After all, only the closest people saw the artist’s paintings.

Maria Prymachenko art.

“The works of my father and grandmother have influenced me the most”

“I have a unique style, which I created by noticing certain elements from different artists. But the works of my father (Fedir Vasyliovych Prymachenko – a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine – Ed.) and grandmother have influenced me the most”.

The man says that his grandmother made him love drawing because she always praised him and helped. Therefore, it is hard for him to decide on selling paintings of a world-famous grandmother.

Petro Prymachenko was anxious about the fire in the history and local lore museum, where Maria Prymachenko’s works were kept. Fortunately, all the artworks of the Ukrainian artist survived. And the painting “Flowers grew near the fourth power unit” from the museum, destroyed by the Russian invaders, was sold at Serhiy Prytula’s Charitable Foundation auction for $ 500,000.

It is important to note that Petro Prymachenko transferred 30% of the amount provided by copyright law to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The combatant periodically makes money transfers in favor of the army and assures, “The victory is ours”.

The man is convinced that the war has affected his life; however, we will see later how it will manifest itself in his works.


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