Will Putin’s death change anything for us?

Will Putin’s death change anything for us?

Formed Deputy Minister of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar's opinion on flooding rumours about the president of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin's death.

He’s a living person and he isn’t young, so it can’t be ruled out. We are all mortal. And conspiracy theory has nothing to do here.

Regardless of the name and country, death of the head of state is always a window of opportunity for local political elites. Therefore, death is always used for political purposes.

Changing the head of state is always a window of opportunity too. Even the period of transition of power from one person to another poses a potential danger of power seizure, destabilization, etc. And it’s also regardless of names - these are features of a political process. There’s always a struggle for power, and there are periods when this struggle naturally becomes critical. 

But the course of war can be affected by anything from the outside, not just someone's death. We just have to be ready for everything. Absolutely everything. 

And the best readiness is weapons.

Because the decisive factor in war is weapons, and more precisely, their quantity and quality.

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