Ukraine war: those in the rear have no right to teeter on the edge of truth and sweet deception

Ukraine war: those in the rear have no right to teeter on the edge of truth and sweet deception

Ukraine is entering an unusual period when the government's favorite resource - self-promotion without rules and restrictions - is no longer working. Self-promotion on war and blood. It is not about the enemy, who is capable of any kind of cannibalism. It is about us, about Ukraine, which is fighting to avoid becoming russia.

It all started, perhaps, with V. Geletey, who, after being appointed Minister of Defense in July 2014, boldly promised that a victory parade would be held in Sevastopol that same year. And then it went on and on, frantically and meaninglessly.

But now it's coming to an end. Because it doesn't work anymore.

It is possible to scare Ukraine and the world with a nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, even to give a specific date for a possible explosion. But over time, even such a powerful pathogen ceases to work.

And it is physically impossible to raise the bar even higher. By the way, as an expert, I say: yes, the occupiers' blowing up of the Zaporizhzhia NPP will be a big disaster, but not fatal. It will be even less than the Chornobyl accident, because the Zaporizhzhia NPP reactors are shut down and the core has a moderate temperature.

Similarly, it becomes impossible to encourage and reassure during the Ukrainian offensive. During the preparation of the offensive, it was possible, but now it doesn't work.

Only real specifics, only real results that can be seen on the battlefield map.

We laughed at the enemy when its propagandists told their sub-imperialists about the "breakthrough offensive of the Wagnerites" at a distance of one hundred and twenty meters.

So why should we talk about the de-occupation of a few square kilometers of our land when more than 100,000 such kilometers remain under the enemy's control?

Ukrainians and the world are no longer trusting positive but unconfirmed stories about successes on the front of the liberation war.

By the way, can someone who uses this expression officially explain what "partial success" means? Did our troops advance and retreat? Or did they repel an enemy attack and stay put? Or what?

There is no need for verbiage and new language from military speakers. Especially now. Respect your fellow citizens and yourself. There is hard, exhausting and extremely responsible work going on at the front. When there are real, not "partial" successes, report on them. When there are none, don't make things up and keep quiet. Instead, tell us about the repair of military equipment, the life of our heroes in the field, and the military medics who save the lives of the wounded and bring them back into service.

Instead of scaremongering or fantasizing, let the authorities report when they will stop paving the capital's avenues during the war and use the funds to fix up the bomb shelters.

At least by the standards of the "sovok" from which we hide by renaming cities and streets.

But for some reason, this does not help much against enemy missiles.

The war has entered a decisive phase. And we all - both the government and society - need to adequately transform our approaches.

Ukraine's defenders are acting on the verge of life and death. That is why those in the rear have no right to teeter on the edge of truth and sweet deception.

Because the Ukrainian victory is only possible where the truth is sometimes bitter, but true.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

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