Positional layout on the eve of China’s talks with Ukraine

Positional layout on the eve of China’s talks with Ukraine

The russian federation and China (plus Belarus, Iran, the DPRK) are for recognizing russia’s right to the occupied territories of Ukraine against Ukraine and the UK, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, who advocate the complete liberation of the territory of Ukraine. The USA, Germany, and France would be happy with any option to stop hostilities in this war, as long as the State of Ukraine remains within some boundaries.

There is a consensus of the two powerful players and it consists in the cessation of hostilities at the front under guarantees for the RF and Ukraine from the U. S. and China. 

But there are nuances.

Firstly, guarantees from the U.S. and China in a situation where they have just begun to come to terms with each other in a "bipolar world" format are unreliable.

Secondly, Europe is really afraid of the prospect of a "North Korea" in the East of Europe - a marasmatic dictatorship with a nuclear arsenal, totally dependent on the will and resources of Beijing.

Will the U.S. fight with the RF for Europe? The U.S. response to russian missiles on the territory of Poland, to russian missiles over the territory of Romania, to the downing of an American drone by russian fighter jets in the neutral waters of the Black Sea - all these do not add arguments for an affirmative answer to this question. De facto, Europe is only beginning to realize that it has been left alone with "friend Vladimir" who has thrown off his sheepskin, whose bloody saliva is already dripping from his fangs, whose eyes are looking at Berlin, and behind whose back towers the pagoda of an imperial palace in Beijing... 

Will the U.S. fight with China for Europe? Will the USA want to turn Europe into millstones that will grind the military and economic power of China?

Europe is not used to guessing on a coffee thick, judging by the rapid growth of budget defense expenditures in Germany, France, Poland, and Great Britain. Europe is preparing itself for a state when, in the matter of protecting its borders, it will not depend on the good will of the U.S., China or the promises of another bloody kremlin idiot.

Europe is gradually beginning to treat the defense of Ukraine in the same way as Ukraine treats the defense of Bakhmut.

Ukraine is becoming Bakhmut for Europe...

No matter what Comrade Xi offers to Zelenskyy after his three-day visit to moscow, Ukraine should discuss "Chinese peace proposals" not only with the U.S., but also with Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Great Britain. It is necessary to accustom Europe to the idea that Ukraine is an outpost and the most important part of Europe.

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  1. Morris Kent Thompson For President 1 year ago

    Russia was a signatory to the 1994 Budapest Security Assurance. Russia if it continues risks Russia being attacked. President Putin should withdraw all forces from Ukraine and contested areas, And a guarantee to Ukraine by all parties to defend in the event of another attack from anyone.

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