How Ukraine and Russia supply their troops with heavy weapons in current year

Vladyslav Olenchenko analysis on quantitive indicators of how Ukraine and Russia provide their troops with ammunition in current year. It's not about puzzles, but about harsh reality.

The infographics shows the pace and quantitative indicators of how Ukraine and the Russian Federation provide their troops in 2023.

Overall conclusion:

The enemy’s monthly supplies of tanks/IFVs/APCs were 3.5-4 times larger! Armored artillery - 7 times! Artillery - 14-16 times! MLRS - 23 times! Cruise missiles - 30-40 times!

Supplies of shells to the troops seem to be the most even: the enemy has only 1.8-2 times more shells.

And what about parity in the number of personnel of the armies? They say that the AFU greatly outnumbers the army of the Russian Federation. Are they lying?

We can take offense at our Western partners, get furious at their sneaky and insidious demands for a ‘counteroffensive’ at such parity, but it will definitely harm us and definitely not help us in the future.

Questions for the State of Ukraine that arise automatically: who exactly in the state is responsible for this state of the AFU provision in 2023?

Who is responsible for correcting this situation? It is not even a question of what is the plan of action of that person in charge, aimed at correcting such parity to the opposite, but the question is whether this plan exists?

Because offensive operations at such parity are madness bordering on crime, even if Ukraine has an advantage in the number of the AFU personnel. No large-scale offensive and no significant advance of there is possible until this parity is reversed.

Isn't it obvious even with such a clearly visualized rationale?

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