Biden visits to Kyiv is the culmination of global support for Ukraine

Biden visits to Kyiv is the culmination of global support for Ukraine

What The President of United Stated of America's Joe Biden I happened to be at the train station when Biden arrived to Kyiv ... I am impressed. First of all, the level of involvement of the police and military. It's strange that there were no tanks. Although who is there to protect the high-ranking visitors in the middle of Kyiv?

Well, it does not matter what the U.S. president "brought" to Ukraine. It is more important that he came. To the capital of a country at war. At the time of the most important and fundamental events in its modern history - the Revolution of Dignity and the invasion of non-Russian empire.

I have written and said more than once that the under-imperium is indifferent to its losses, but is extremely painful about its defeats. Especially those it perceives as humiliation. Biden's visit to Kiev is a humiliation of the highest order for the Kremlin. 

I have been to the White House and encountered their security protocols for the first person. Biden is guarded more closely than anyone else in the world. Well, after Kim Jong-un and Putin, of course. The U.S. security service has the right to forbid the U.S. president to do certain things, even if he insists. Nevertheless, the visit took place.

To me, this means not only that the U.S. government is determined to show that it controls what goes on in the world, but also that there is cooperation between the U.S. and Russian special services. Otherwise the visit would not have taken place.

And this, on the one hand, minimizes the risks of a nuclear apocalypse, and on the other, makes negotiations with the under-imperium almost inevitable at the end of the summer. Because the desire to negotiate is the essence of politics in democracies.  

At the same time, there are and cannot be any guarantees of the results of negotiations.

Oleksandr Kochenkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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