Ukraine wood exports to EU countries has grown

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During a moratorium on deforestation in Ukraine, exports of wood to EU countries has grown, argopolit reports.

During a moratorium on deforestation in Ukraine, its exports to the EU countries increased by 75%, exceeding the mark of € 1 billion in 2017. About this, referring to the British non-governmental organization Earthsight, which is studying the problem of illegal deforestation around the world, writes “Dzerkalo Tyzhnya”.
Recall that the abolition of the rules of trade in raw materials will block the market of wood.
It is reported that, according to researchers, 40% of this forest was cut or sold illegally. Also, the material says that the European Union countries account for 70% of Ukrainian timber exports.
For two years, Earthsight researchers have been conducting field research in Ukraine, studying customs documents, litigation, surveying sources in government and industry, even being acted as non-existent exporter of Ukrainian forests to enter the EU market.
The study of 18 logging sites in the four largest logging regions of Ukraine, commissioned by Earthsight, showed that 67 to 78% of cuttings are unjustified and, therefore, unlawful. If this result is extrapolated to the national level, it turns out that illegal sanitation is at the moment 38-44% of the total production and export of forests. Earthsight field studies confirmed these findings, as well as found other types of violations in the field of logging by government agencies, - the material in question.
It is also noted that the former chairman of the State Agency of Forestry Viktor Sivets built a whole scheme of transfer of "sanitary" forest directly to market companies through a network of offshore
Earthsight analysts claim that the scheme, which worked since 2011, is still in operation.


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