Crimea Parliament MP on corrupt authorities on air for Russian TV

Date: February 20, 2014

Location: Crimea Ukraine

MP of Crimea Pilonskiy, about theft and provocations of Ukrainian authorities on the air of Russian TV Channel.
Lies and propaganda of Russian state television is exposed to the air.
Common policy discourse daily news was at risk of failure and the editor had no choice but to terminate the interview.
Miraculously, a human rights activist and member of the Legislative Assembly of the Crimea Leonid Pilonskiy hit the airwaves and was even able to channel for a minute to express an alternative point of view on events in Ukraine.
Earlier, some members of the same parliament of Crimea from Ukrainian “party of power” – Party of Regions proposed a procedure for secession, which is not provided by the legislation of Ukraine and Crimea, with the goal of joining Russian Federation.

Credits to: Voronsvet

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