Can Ukraine produce weapons on its own?

Behind the scenes of general joy from the defeat of the Antonovsky Bridge, there’s a little fly in the ointment.

The bridge was struck, most likely by M982 Excalibur precision-guided 155mm artillery shells manufactured by Raytheon and BAE Systems, or, judging by the nature of the damage, but quite unlikely, HIMARS missiles. 

As we can see, both are effective weapons that were not in the AFU arsenal until recently. But they could be.

The Ukrainian Kvitnyk high-precision 152mm or 155mm guided artillery projectile – an analogue of Excalibur – was adopted by the AFU back in 2012. Before the war. How many of them were made? .. How many of them are there in the army? – Zero point zero. 

The Ukrainian Vilkha multiple launch rocket system – with a range, by the way, about 100 km, more than that of American missiles – was adopted in 2018. An analogue of HIMARS. How many of them are there in the army? – Zero point zero.

The Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship cruise missile – in the basic version, it can hit bridges, command posts, and enemy warehouses – was adopted for service in 2020. Two missiles sank the Moskva cruiser (amen). How many are in service? – Zero point zero. 

The Bohdana howitzer, which drove the invaders from Zmiinyi Island, exists in a single copy…

And who will say after that that Ukraine is a poor, miserable, incapable third world agrarian country?

They just steal a lot.


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