Official Euromaidan movie Pray For Ukraine trailer HD

Date: June 29, 2014

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Let’s support Euromaidan documentary “Pray for Ukraine” which united hearts, minds and souls of professional filmmakers, who throughout the period of Euromaidan movement recorded all the events via camera lens and captured violence, death and destruction under a fire of bullets.
Ukrainian’s stood together on Euromaidan. Together they defended Euromaidan and Ukraine. Today, together we continue the EUROMAIDAN movement by creating an unprecedented cultural monument in memory of the Heroes, and dedicating it to the entire Ukrainian Nation and the true story of Euromaidan.
Get involved in the project! Support! Donate! Follow the film or simply share! People of Ukraine won a battle! We are one step closer winning the war for freedom and democracy! The world should see these people, people that came out to the Euromaidan, and unite in the struggle and in prayer for Ukraine.

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