Ukraine counteroffensive has a price: welcome to help

I am asking for your help, I am waiting for your help, the wounded warriors cannot survive without it.

Honestly, I am not mentally ready for this post. I wanted to wait and write on the weekend. But I will write, because there is no other way.

Photo credits: Natali Chigikova

 Odesa, sirens, ambulance after ambulance. There are so many wounded it’s hard to imagine. I rush from one place to another. It's almost evening. It seems I've dressed everyone, bought painkillers, and can go home. Ambulances keep coming. Boys are lying on gurneys. I turn the car around and go to them. There’s a warrior without an arm. I approach and say: Hello. And he says to me: I know you, I recently had to have a tooth pulled out and you dressed me and fed me. He speaks and a shiver of pain runs all over his body. He asks to take a bag with all that is left of his things. – There’s my mom’s and wife’s phone numbers on a piece of paper, call them, please, and tell them where I am. I call, they are all leaving. They beg me to wait for them. For me to show them where to go. My phone goes dead, I wait. They arrive and I lead them. Not immediately. A wife burst out crying, I calmed her down, and we left. I don't know... For me, it was the most terrifying and at the same time such a powerful moment in my life. The relatives entered the room, a sister groaned and went out. A wife rushed to her husband, and a mother just sat down on the couch next to the gurney and began stroking and kissing her son quietly and carefully. Like a crucifix, like a martyr, like a saint. Tears welled up in my eyes and in the nanny’s, who also saw it... The mother did not cry, she just touched her son and seemed to give him strength. And then she went outside and started sobbing. So scary and strong... She hugged me and we cried together until the tears ran out. I ran to the pharmacy for a sedative, and then I sat with them all in the ward for another hour and talked. I told them about my friends who had also lost their arms and legs, showed photos and said that it hadn’t ruined their lives, they just had to learn to live their new lives under different circumstances. Later I left, but the whole family had already calmed down. Barely dragging my feet, I went home. Having attended to each wounded person and helped everyone as much as I could. Today after work there was another event. I only had one pair of underpants and two t-shirts left. I ran out of shorts, I gave them all away. But they were enough. Today, more ambulances have arrived, but I will see those who have been brought tomorrow. Surgeries are performed around the clock. This is one story out of a thousand.

Photo credits: Natali Chigikova

Kherson sector. It is hard to imagine how much effort it takes for our Defenders to fight for every meter of land. Someday I will write about it. I cannot do it now.

 I want to thank everyone for their help, support, sympathy and for being there. I would never have been able to do it myself. And I need inhuman strength:

 Viktoria Pasternachenko

 Maryna Agaeva

 Natalia Tomaskovic

 Natasha Teryaeva

 Aleksandr Babich

 Iryna Railyan

 Kateryna Malyar

 Oksana Kharitonova

 Elena Velichko

 Iryna Nechytailyuk

 Viktoria Sybir

 Nina Zyanko

 Vitaly Railyan

 Alla Gleb-off and Volodymyr Gleb-off

 Tatiana Arkushyna

 Lyuba Kalynychenko and many, many others who are there and not tired.

Today I’ve helped a fighter. He is a commander. A commander without a brigade. Without fingers on the hand, it was torn off together with the machine gun. He said that he didn't want to live anymore, but when I came up, said some words to him, then gave him something, it didn't matter what, he wanted to live again and I restored his faith in the fact that everything was going right...

Photo credits: Natali Chigikova

I’ve spent 10,130.5 hryvnias these days. The balance is 19,416 hryvnias. I must buy underwear, shorts, slippers, pants, sneakers and a lot more. I don’t know what to do. Well, I'll be with the wounded as long as I can. Or I’ll just come and look sadly and say that everything will be Ukraine.

Odesa volunteer team - Natali Chigikova, Natasha Teryaeva, Viktoria Pasternachenko.

If you feel and you #StandWithUkraine, please Donate or even share this post as wide as you can and as soon as you can to help Ukrainian defenders via ordinary volunteer team. Those angels will solving urgent needs in a hospital 24/7. Every donation matters.

For transfers in UAH: PRIVATBANK. Card holder - Viktoria Sybir, Card number: 5168752005156495.

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