Support 7-year-old autistic boy from eastern Ukraine

Support 7-year-old autistic boy from eastern Ukraine voluntary association supports children from eastern Ukraine in trouble and danger contribute to the development of the children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine charity fundraising

Since March 2014 Liberty Liberaty voluntary association supports children from eastern Ukraine, who are in trouble and danger.

The main objective of this initiative is to contribute to the development of the children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine and support those, who lives in difficult circumstances.

EMPR provides informational support to Liberti Liberaty initiatives and would like to raise attention to the following open letter:

“Hello, everyone!

Meet my new friend, Yevhen, a 7-year-old autistic boy who together with his Mom was forced to leave his home in the occupied city, Donetsk.

Calling me Daddy, he hugged me right after we met and invited me to play with him.

His Mother was very surprised to see him so cheerful because usually it takes time for Yevhen to warm up and to trust someone.

Only two people have had the privilege of being called “Daddy,” Volodymyr Klytshko, who has also visited Yevhen, and me.

Yevhen and his Mom have been provided temporary living quarters at a transitional housing center for internally displaced citizens.

The center has provided them with a tiny but cozy room.

Of course Yevhen got some gifts from me and from my dear friends in the Czech Republic and in Sweden.

Four other families with children currently live at the transitional center, so of course I brought gifts for them, too (warm clothing, dresses for the girls, children’s magazines).

Yevhen needs new pants (without buttons!) and some developmental games, the kind for kids with special needs.

The boy’s Mom can barely make ends meet as she spends everything she earns (which isn’t much anyway) on her son’s treatment.

That’s why I suggest we start helping this lovely family, shall we?
If there is anything you would like to help little Yevhen with, please contact me at 099 140 50 29 or via e-mail:

Kindly share this article.
Yours faithfully, Maxim Potapchuk, Head of the Liberi Liberati Volunteers Association.”

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication.

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