Let’s have a festive first day of school for the children from eastern Ukraine!

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A new school year is approaching. All the schools in Ukraine will have the traditional “first bell” festivities. The schools within the ATO zone will have a festive day, too.

It is not by choice that the children’s families have remained in the zone: serious health problems, handicapped parents, the lack of money, and the lack of support have all contributed to their inability to move out of the zone.

These are not individual cases. There are hundreds of them. Disadvantaged families with children from Horlivka have asked us to help coordinate the first day of school for the children. The organization “Donbas SOS” jointly with Maksym Potapchuk, the director of the volunteer group Liberi Liberati is conducting initiative “To School, Together!”

The pre-schoolers and the school children yearn to be taught, to discover and understand the world. The desire to learn is there, but the support is missing.

The children need everything, from pens and pencils to backpacks. This is especially true for the first graders who will be attending school for the first time and can only dream of having a backpack for their books. We are collecting donations of school supplies. Even the youngest Ukrainians can help: things from last year, from clothes to supplies, that are outgrown and no longer needed or used and will mean the world to the children in Donbas. The kids in Donbas will be so very happy to get support from other kids.

All those who are willing and able to help, please call the “Donbas SOS” hotline: 0 800 309 110
or contact us at liberiliberati@gmail.com
Please share this information with others.

Respectfully, Maksym Potapchuk, Director of the volunteer association Liberi Liberati.

Glory to Ukraine!

EMPR provides informational support to this initiative, for more details: euromaidanpr@gmail.com

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication

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