What means Surovikin’s dismissal from “commander of the war with Ukraine”?

Surovikin’s dismissal from the position of "commander of the war with Ukraine" is a significant sign.

This means that putin gave up further attempts to implement his operational plan to force Ukraine to a truce and the idea of peace negotiations on the kremlin's terms. "The Butcher of Aleppo" failed. He failed to break the will of the Ukrainian people to fight, having depleted a critical supply of missiles. There will still be missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, but without a vigor, without hope for a long-awaited call from Washington with a request to accept a call from Zelenskyi, who wants to discuss the terms of a cease-fire... Another portion of puilo’s wet dreams rejoined the "russian warship."

On the basis of generalized signs, puillo has decided to try to play a protracted war till 2024, when the U.S. presidential elections are to be held. Although he has deferred hopes for a quick victory, he in no way intends to end the war. That is why puilo demonstratively has transferred war command to the highest military rank in the russian federation, general gerasimov, while he himself will traditionally climb into a bunker, from which he will simulate a certain detachment from military events, ascribing failures at the front to the military... He'd be better off dead... 

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