Paper rays of Ukraine’s security

Paper rays of Ukraine's security

Ukrainian government has started to sign direct agreements about Ukraine's security with various countries and is very proud of it.

We have already signed agreements with the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. More will probably follow.

This could be considered a fantastic breakthrough for Ukrainian diplomacy, if we forget that these "security assurance agreements" contain neither guarantees nor security.

They imply another huge concern on the part of the signatories in the event of further attacks on Ukraine's integrity and sovereignty. Who is this supposed to reassure?

And the main thing is that paper "guarantees" are now being willingly given to us instead of weapons and ammunition. In other words, all these agreements can be neatly stacked and shoved into the "Crimean Platform" folder.

Add the Budapest Memorandum.

On top of it, put the numerous unconfirmed announcements by our leaders that mass production of something very necessary for the front has already begun in Ukraine.

And take this pile to a recycling center where political waste paper is accepted. The shortage of ammunition is already having a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Armed Forces.

If the situation does not change, and the enemy continues to advance, serious problems will arise at the front in April.

This also applies to missiles for air defense systems covering our cities.

Instead of wasting time on security imitations, it would be better to focus all diplomatic efforts on solving problems with Poland. In general, this year fully meets its definition as a critical period of the war.

Alexander Kochetkov 

Ukraine Front Lines


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