Recording missile strikes and work of air defense systems must be ban in Ukraine

Recording missile strikes and work of air defense systems must be ban in Ukraine

The night attack on Kyiv was the most powerful in the entire war. Not by the number of missiles, but by their quality and variety. There were Kalibr cruise missiles, aerial ballistic Kinzhal / Daggers, and ballistic missiles, which were launched by S-400 in surface-to-surface mode.

Is this how President Zelenskyi was greeted on his return from Europe?

Accordingly, Ukraine air defense system was working at almost full capacity - it was audible.  All available SAMs were used: Patriots, Nasams, and Iris-T.

The result was excellent - there was no significant damage. Although we spent a lot of missiles.

I have no confirmation of the rumors from the non-Empire about the Patriots damage, which used up its ammunition. But I have no doubt that we have been provided with the most modern modification of the Patriot, the PAC-3, which is capable of operating in a fully automatic mode with a satellite tracking system. Because a human operator will not physically have time to adequately respond to so many targets.

I can state that nowadays Kyiv is one of the most protected cities in the world from air threats. Only Washington and certain parts of Israel can compete. And it is better protected than other cities in Ukraine because representatives of our allies regularly visit the capital. And they want to be safe.

There are questions about the photo and video recording of the work of Ukrainian air defense system and posting it on the Internet. There seems to be a ban.

But our high-ranking officials regularly post those photos and videos that are forbidden to citizens. In addition, Western media shoot and post them, and you can't really forbid them. And there are also webcams working, which work during the war times must be forbidden for private use as we see it is widely used to help our enemy.

Let me try to bring some rationality.

The enemy identifies targets on our territory using old maps. He refines it by satellite data, and the under-empire, as it turned out, has big problems with it, and it's ridiculous to compare it with the data of the satellite group of Ukraine's allies. But the most dangerous is information from enemy agents who are able to identify a military object, determine its coordinates, and after the strike, control whether it was hit.

Therefore, in no way should you help enemy agents and post footage of air defense and missile defense operations and the consequences of strikes in a way that can be linked to any noticeable buildings and structures, geographic objects, and, accordingly, find out their coordinates. Panoramic webcams that give a general picture should also be turned off, but local ones, near shops and at intersections, which look downward, are not important.

And almost safe from the point of view of sensitive information leakage are the shots of air defense missile launches or explosions in the air. But!

But there is a proven principle: if you want to preserve important information, you should not ban it specifically, but all such information! In advance, so to speak - only this gives certain guarantees of non-proliferation. That is why the ban not only on teaching, but also on recording ANY information about missile strikes and the work of air defense systems is absolutely justified. For everyone, without exception!

Oleksandr Kochetkov

P.S. The Special Service of Ukraine detained bloggers

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