Maximum pressure on Ukraine’s allies is Russia’s current plan “A”

Ukraine last stand

Ukraine last stand. This is how the recent events of the last days looks like. It fact it reveals that the maximum pressure on Ukraine's allies is russia's current plan "A" for this period of Russia - Ukraine war.

- Air defense supplies are exhausted;

- The artillery ratio is approaching 10:1 not in our favor;

- Turkey proposed a "peace plan";

- US officials condemn our strikes on russian refineries;

- the russian federation continues to destroy our shunting power generation;

- Iran is preparing a missile attack on Israel (whether directly or through a proxy);

- the russian federation continues massive attacks by columns of armored vehicles on the front line;

- the russian federation is preparing a new wave of open mobilization for an additional 300-500k personnel. This figure does not include "cannon fodder divisions", which are constantly replenished, up to 30k every month.

What is going on anyway?

What was warned about is happening - russia simultaneously with the continuation of hostilities and attacks on our energy sector, launched a super-powerful series of Reflexive Management Operations in the world mass media against Ukraine, as well as influences Western politicians by all possible methods.

What did we learn?

1. Once again they were convinced that the russian federation is a country of manure, garbage and waste

2. They once again made sure that Turkey is not going to depart from the regime of "sitting on two chairs"

3. Based on the so-called "Erdogan plan", the russian federation needs at least 15 years to restore its combat capability and replenish its reserves.

4. That it is very difficult for the russian federation to implement all its plans, therefore the pressure on our allies is their plan "A".

That is, you understood everything correctly. At a time when the russian federation is destroying us, the "doves of peace" announced their "mobilization".

It is unfortunate that these "doves of peace" include current officials in the USA.

There is no need to be hostile to the Information Psychological Special Operations, it will give you nothing but wasted nerves.

What should Ukraine do?

We will break through. But for this, EVERYONE here will have to sweat for several years.

We need to unite and work for the army. For the victory.

And not for the lavender raff or the new Zara collection.

We have no other way.

We have only one Ukraine!



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