World about Ukraine: August 11, 2022

What the World says today about Russia – Ukraine war and the national resistance? Read in Ukraine Front Lines digest as of August 11, 2022.

The New York Times: A Russian missile attack kills 7 civilians in Bakhmut, Ukraine’s prosecutor general says.

The shelling injured six people and damaged people’s homes and stores. Russia continues to claim that their troops are not targeting civilians. 

President of Ukraine obliged residents of Donetsk region to evacuate because Russia is still trying to take over Donbas.

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Bloomberg: UK to Send More Multiple-Launch Rocket Weapons Systems to Ukraine

More MLRS and M31A1s will be sent to Ukraine to defend against Russia. They can fire up to 50 miles away. Great Britain openly shows its opposition to the war and support for Ukraine, and has conducted exercises for Ukrainian troops.

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Reuters: First Ukraine grain deal ship docks in Turkey after Lebanese buyer refused delivery

The ship sailed from a Ukrainian port on August 1 and reached Turkey 11 days later. Part of the corn will remain in Turkey, while the rest will be taken to Egypt. The Razoni sailed as part of a deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkey.

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The Sun: Satellite pics show devastation at Russian base with ’20 jets destroyed and $1bn of damage’ after mushroom cloud blasts

One person was killed at the Saki airbase, and 19 million pounds worth of Russian fighter jets were destroyed. The base was used for strikes in southeastern Ukraine. A photo shows the extent of the destruction, explosions and craters. Russia denies damage to the equipment and the attack in general.

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BBC: UN alarm as Ukraine nuclear power plant shelled again

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was struck again on Thursday. The U.N. secretary general said such actions could lead to disaster.  

Vladimir Zelensky is concerned that Russia could cause a nuclear accident worse than Chernobyl. Russia blames Ukraine for the shelling.

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