Russian fuhrer is given three years to live by doctors due to cancer. Countdown is open

Vladimir Putin ‘is given three years to live by doctors’ due to his ‘rapidly progressing cancer’.

Dailymail has published such news appeared in a secret message from the Russian agent to former FSB agent Boris Karpichkov.

Putin reportedly underwent ‘successful’ cancer surgery this month. However, he was seen awkwardly twisting his feet and shaking his arm at the meetings with Alexander Lukashenko. There are rumors that he is suffering Parkinson’s. But Putin is afraid of losing power and he believes that he will rule forever.

Ukrainian prosecutors believe they will identify 100,000 war crimes carried out by Russian soldiers in the first three months of the conflict.

Ukrainian officials have near 14,000 cases and it has already begun prosecuting captured Russian soldiers responsible for war crimes.

More than 45 Russian soldiers involved in war crimes have been identified so far. The court sentenced one of them to life in prison after he pled guilty to charges of war crimes. Venediktova’s office has already identified over 500 suspects. Read more on this on DailyMail .

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visits troops in Kharkiv to hand out bravery medals as he makes his first official appearance outside Kyiv since the start of Russia’s invasion.

 Zelensky handed out bravery medal and told the soldiers that he thanked everyone for their service.

Ukrainian soldiers showed Zelenskyy destruction in the city. The President convinces that Ukraine will rebuild destroyed areas. More about brave travel of the Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the city of Kharkiv read here.

Russia claims capture of strategic town as fighting rages in east – as it happened.

Russia had captured most of Lyman, so Ukrainian and Russian forces had been fighting for several days. The guardians reports so.

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 95 of the invasion.

The Guardian reports that Ukrainian officials say they urgently demands heavy weapons and advanced US-made mobile multiple launch rocket systems to repel Russian forces in the eastern Donbas region.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that not all the land that Russia has seized  in 2014 can be recovered by force. 

Russia’s defence ministry says to have captured Lyman and other smaller towns.

Six Russian oligarchs’ superyachts linked to UK-sanctioned hid out on ocean tracking systems.

Russia’s president has scrapped the upper age limit for military recruits.

In Nikolaev, a man was killed as a result of Russian shelling.

UK would continue to support Ukraine’s armed resistance, including by supplying equipment.

‘We were lucky to escape’: Kherson diarists tell of their flight from Russians.

Two Ukrainian journalists from Kherson passed seven Russian checkpoints over 10 hours to Mykolaiv to save their life.

This is reported by the guardians today.

They documented the horrors of life in occupied city.  Last week, they arrived in the UK. They want to continue their journalistic work, documenting Ukrainians’ experiences of the invasion and hope to write a book.

‘It doesn’t make sense’: Ukrainian teenager left in limbo by Home Office.

Two months ago 16-year-old Vlad Ksheminskyi applied to the Homes for Ukraine fleeing the war without his parents, but he is still waiting for a decision. His mother’s friend took him to Italy, where they live in a cramped room. Read more about Vlad’s fate here.


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