US paratroopers arrive in Ukraine to train Ukrainian military

17 April, paratroopers of the US Army 173rd Brigade arrived in Ukraine to train Ukrainian military.

This was reported by US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt.

“Paratroopers of the US 173rd Brigade arrived in Ukraine to train Ukrainian servicemen”, he wrote on his twitter.

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290 paratroopers will begin training at the Yavoriv Training Center in the Lviv Oblast on 20 April.

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As reported by ATO spokesman Colonel Andriy Lysenko, “the US servicemen are instructors, they will teach our military additional skills that may be needed in armed clashes.”

“This includes organization of defense, knowing how to act as part of divisions, as well as complex training on medical care, responding to fire attacks and detecting of terrorists’ positions”, Lysenko said.

He stressed the American instructors had brought no weapons. “It is exclusively methodical assistance, which aims to help replenish our military experience in conducting combat operations”, he said.

Ievgen Reznik, EMPR
Aleksandra Demskaya also contributed to the publication.


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