Ukraine is creating a Book of Executioners

After the capture and execution of Adolf Eichmann in 1960, it became known that the Mossad had a list of Nazi criminals agreed upon by the country’s political leadership to be brought to Israeli court or eliminated. Operational work on this list lasted almost 30 years.

Unfortunately, not all criminals were detained, but each of them lived in fear until the end, constantly hiding, and it is unknown what is worse – instant death or such a life.

Ukraine is creating a Book of Executioners, which will make information about every Russian war criminal available. This was announced by President Zelensky in early April. The Head of Ukraine President’s Office Andriy Yermak held a meeting the day before yesterday. Intelligence, investigative bodies and the Ministry of Justice are already working on data collection and verification.

I believe that every Russian villain will be held accountable to the Ukrainian people or will hide in caves for the rest of his miserable life. Punishment must be inevitable, as such crimes do not involve redemption.

And this, by the way, applies not only to the military. Rashist and pro-rashist propagandists and politicians are full-fledged accomplices in war crimes and responsibility for them must also be full.

Therefore, even if in 20 years the Russians suddenly appear before the Ukrainian courts or disappear or choke down rasstegai, don’t be surprised – that’s how justice works.


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