Russian singer is to perform a concert at Euromaidan in Kyiv

Russian singer Polina Gagarina represented the Russian Federation on Eurovision to visit Kyiv and perform a concert at Euromaidan in Ukraine

Russian singer, Polina Gagarina, who represented the Russian Federation at Eurovision Song Contest last year, is to visit Kyiv this spring and perform a concert at Euromaidan.

This is not a secret, that Ukrainian – Russian relations are facing deep crisis during the last years because of support of Russian intelligences to former President Viktor Yanukovych in killing Ukrainian citizens during Euromaidan – the Revolution of Dignity (February 2014), Crimea occupation and its annexation by the Russian troops and the Kremlin orders (since February 28, 2014) and intervention of the Russian Regular Armed Forces to the eastern Ukraine (since April 2014) with the endless war against Ukrainian nation.

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Despite of the above, Russian singer Polina Gagarina has decided to visit Ukraine not just like a tourist (her fellow citizens – Russian servicemen usually do so in eastern part of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts), but is going to perform a big show in the heart of Kyiv – at the concert hall on the former Instytutska Street, which is now renamed to the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred Alley.

This place is holy for each Ukrainian citizen as a memory of all fallen Euromaidan heroes as well as Ukrainians who died from the Russian bullets in the east during the last 2 years.

Video credit to Andrey Korbut Portoss 

Does Polina want to sing her songs to honor the memory of Heavenly Hundred fallen heroes ? Or the memory of fallen Ukrainian servicemen in the war zone in eastern Ukraine ? Otherwise, it seems that ‘the world has gone mad’.


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