Nadiya Savchenko not to stop hunger strike. Drinks water, refuses food


Nadiya Savchenko illegally detained in Russia told civic monitors she is not going to stop the hunger strike.

Nadiya Savchenko illegally detained in Russia said she is not going to stop the hunger strike. Several updates on Nadiya Savchenko’s health state came from a member of the Russian civic monitoring commission in Rostov region Valentyna Chervatenko. Together with her colleague Volodymyr Katasonov she visited Nadiya in the detention center of Novocherkassk on March 12. Russian journalist Viktoria Ivleva quotes Chervatenko’s words on her Facebook page, reports UNIAN.

Nadiya Savchenko illegally detained in Russia said she is not going to stop the hunger strike. “Nadiya drinks water. Her weight is ok,” Ivleva quotes the words of Cherevatenko. “We think that her body had high level of water depletion and was regaining water for several days. We can say that she feels all right as for a person who is on hunger strike,” Cherevatenko continues.

Savchenko keeps refusing medical examination and ultrasonography test by Russian medics. Her temperature and blood pressure are being measured twice a day by a prison medic and are considered normal. “There are no variations in her blood pressure. Weight is being measured daily in the morning. She is not complaining of pain. Forced feeding is not on the agenda,” Ivleva summarized her conversation with the monitor.

Cherevatenko also quoted Savchenko’s words: “I am keeping an eye on my health. But let everybody understand that I am not going to give up the hunger strike. I am neither going to serve the term in prison in this country nor to live here.”

“She had cords of various colours placed on her bed, in sets of one and a half – two dozens,” adds Chervatenko. “She was probably going to plait something and said that this activity would take her long. In addition to a TV set she has got a fridge and even a ventilator in her cell.” The monitor added that Head of the detention center was constantly present during the visit.




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