Legend of Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics Albina Deriugina passed away

The legendary Ukrainian gymnast, Honored Coach of Ukraine Albina Deriugina died at the age of 92.

"We are sad to announce that legend of world rhythmic gymnastics, Hero of Ukraine, member of the Executive Committee of the NOC of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine Albina Mykolaiivna Deriugina passed away at the age of 92.”

Albina Deriugina came to rhythmic gymnastics at its outset and is considered the founder of this sport in Ukraine.

Over the years of work, she has brought up more than one generation of gymnasts who received Olympic awards, won World and European Championships, increasing the sporting glory of Ukraine."

Deriugina’s pupils are known all over the world.

The NOC notes that the Deriugina school has laid a solid foundation and makes it possible to bring new talents of Ukraine to the podium.

Among Deriugina’s pupils of are her daughter Iryna Deriugina (absolute world champion in 1977), Olexandra Tymoshenko (Olympic champion in 1992), Oksana Skaldina (olympic bronze medalist in 1992), Hanna Bessonova (olympic bronze medalist and absolute world champion in 2007), Hanna Rizatdinova (bronze Olympic medalist in 2016).

Three generations of the family work at the Deriugina school. Her daughter Iryna Deriugina is responsible for the choreography and costumes of the athletes, and her granddaughter Iryna Blokhina is the choreographer.

Albina Deriugina was awarded the "Order of Merit" II degree, the Order of Princess Olha III degree.

Our team express deep condolence to the family and gymnastic community with the loss of the true masterpiece of Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics.

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