Coronavirus in Ukraine: Day 291

Daily updates on coronavirus data in Ukraine, including the regional dimensions, since the first COVID-19 case was registered on March 3, 2020.

931,751 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Ukraine as of December 17, 2020.

12,047 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Ukraine for the last 24 hours, including 594 children and 535 medical workers.

65,561 tests fulfilled for the last day and COVID-19 detected in about 18,4% of cases.

2,997 persons (or 24,9% among reviled COVID-19 cases) hospitalised, 252 died and 12,939 persons recovered for the last day.

For the whole period of pandemic 548,356 persons recovered and 15,996 died from COVID-19.

In total, 5,167,122 tests on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) fulfilled for the whole period of pandemic.

Regional dimensions of confirmed cases in Ukraine are as follows:

96,672 cases in Kyiv city, 

63,732 cases in Kharkivska,

61,038 cases in Odeska,  

55,291 cases in Lvivska,

50,894 cases in Dnipropertovska, 

50,666 cases in Kyivska, 

41,356 cases in Ivano-Frankivska, 

44,693 cases in Zaporizhska, 

37,467 cases in Chernivetska, 

37,417 cases in Rivnenska,

35,157 cases in Zhytomyrska,

35,632 cases in Khmelnytska,

36,599 cases in Sumska,

31,874 cases in Ternopilska, 

29,390 cases in Volynska, 

33,254 cases in Cherkaska, 

30,896 cases in Donetska, 

30,783 cases in Poltavska,

26,685 cases in Zakarpatska, 

25,287 cases in Mykolayvska,

25,917 cases in Chernigivska,

20,319 cases in Vinnytska, 

14,858 cases in Khersonska, 

8,359 cases in Luhanska,

7,515 cases in Kirovogradska.

Dynamic of COVID-19 new cases in Ukraine from the begining of epidemic are as follows:

day 1 (3/03/2020): 1

day 100 (6/11/2020): 29,080

day 200 (9/15/2020):

day 291 (12/17/2020): 931,751


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