Save Kharkiv: Appeal to the mayors of big cities around the World

Save Kharkiv: Appeal to the mayors of big cities around the World

Yuriy Butusov appeals to the mayors of big cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and all other heads of territorial communities in connection with urgent critical situation in the Kharkiv region.

Although you are not responsible for this, and the military personal income tax has been taken from the income of city budgets; there are large expenses, including for the life support of cities; dozens of criminal cases have been initiatedagainst local self-governments to investigate the cities' purchase of military equipment for our soldiers, the threat to Kharkiv and Vovchansk is a threat to all of Ukraine and every big city.

The enemy is at the distance of 30 km.

No one but you will be able to quickly find funds for additional equipment for our soldiers in this area.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Headquarters will not provide drones.

This issue will not be resolved by those who are responsible for it by position, and we all understand that only cities and their mayors can act quickly and allocate significant funds. 

In desperate battles, our soldiers are saving the front despite a huge superiority of the enemy in manpower and ammunition. And they urgently need help. 

I am asking the mayors of the biggest cities to find resources to provide urgent help, first of all, to the defenders of Kharkiv and Vovchansk: 

57th motorized infantry brigade, 

42nd mechanized brigade

125th territorial defence brigade

The Kraken Regiment of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine,

13rd National Guard Brigade "Khartiya".

They urgently need: 

drones: Mavik-3, Mavik-3T, Autel-4, FPV drones; 

self-defense EW system;


If necessary, Yuriy can provide direct contacts of their representatives. He asks the mayors to respond and allocate additional financial aid to the military units, which will help protect Kharkiv and Vovchansk. The situation is  so critical that theimmediate measures and personal attention of local self-government heads are needed. 

Let's show how much each city can now allocate for the defenders of Kharkiv.

Please write or send your links, and this would be another important example of solidarity and mutual assistance for all of us.

Yuriy Butusov

P.S. We appeal to the mayor of all big cities around the World who can help save the Kharkiv region from the russian occupation! Solidarity and unity are needed now!

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