MEPs shocked by what They saw in Donbas

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As reported by the press service of the Petro Poroshenko Parliamentary Bloc a delegation of Ministers of the European Parliament were shocked by what they saw in Shyrokine, Volnovakha, and Mariupol.

The members of the delegation said they were convinced the Russian Federation is actively supporting the militants in eastern Ukraine. The Minsk Agreement is constantly being violated, Ukrainian settlements and military positions are relentlessly being bombarded, and the ceasefire is not being observed, they stated. According to the members of the delegation, the EU demands that Russia fulfill the Minsk Agreement have to be much tougher.

The delegates spoke with soldiers of the 37th Brigade and the Donbas Battalion, deployed in Shyrokine. They praised the coordinated work of the armed forces and the volunteer battalion. They noted that the war against Ukraine is being waged by the professional Russian army, not a handful of militia as claimed by Russia.

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication.
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