Belarus continues military exercises near the border with Ukraine

The exercises of the Belarusian Armed Forces near the border with Ukraine have once again continued – this time until at least July 31.

Source: Telegram channel Belaruski Hajun, with reference to the exercise schedule

Literally, “The training of the Belarusian Armed Forces in Belarus has been extended until at least July 31. This is evidenced by the schedule of exercises at Belarusian training ranges.”

Details: According to Belarusian Hajuns, Belarus has already continued military exercises “for a week” 13 times since late April. Expected completion dates for training at the ranges:

Barysaw (227) by 3:07 p.m;

Shooting range No. 1 near Minsk (Uruchcha) by 31.07;

Gozha (near Grodno) until 29 July;

Brest until 31:07;

Repishcha (Asipovichi) until 29.07;

Maryina Horka till 31.07;

Losvido (near Vitebsk) until 31.07;

Neman (near Berezovka) until 30.07;

Obuz-Lesnovsky (near Baranovichi) until 29.07;

Chepelevo (near Slonim) until 29:07;

Domanovo (near Ivatsevichy) until 30.07;

Shooting range near Staryya Darohi until 29.07;

Zaslonova (near Lepel) until 31.07.


In April, self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko announced the creation of a command of troops on the border with Ukraine.

On June 10, Lukashenko suggested that Belarusian troops might have to fight for western Ukraine so it “won’t be pulled away by the West.”


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