After sustaining losses, Kadyrovites left Ukraine for Chechnya

After sustaining losses, Kadyrovites left Ukraine for Chechnya

From the first days of the war in Ukraine, there were reports that “Kadyrovites” were taking part in it. The militants themselves actively posted photos of their alleged “achievements” in Ukraine on social media.

The successes of the Kadyrovites in Ukraine were fictional. In just a few days, our Armed Forces eliminated several commanders.

Losses of “Kadyrovites” in Ukraine

  • On February 27, it became known that General Magomed Tushayev, the commander of the 141st motorized division of the Chechen Rosguard, had been killed during the invasion of Ukraine. 
  • On February 26, 450 Kadyrovites attempted to land near the Hostomel airport. Part of them managed to disembark from one of the planes and was shot right on the runway. 
  • Overall, from February 26 to February 28, the Kadyrov’s troops lost several hundred soldiers.

At first, Ramzan Kadyrov denied losses among his soldiers. However, on February 28, he confirmed deaths of two soldiers from Chechnya, without saying names. 

The second attempt of militants in our country

On March 4, a new detachment of “Kadyrovites” (about 1,200 people) arrived from Belarus through the Chornobyl Zone. It included soldiers from the “North” and “South” battalions, as well as “Akhmat-Grozny” OMON.

The Kadyrovites set up their camp in the forest near Borodianka.  One night, a set of ammunition exploded in the camp. Some of the militants were killed in the blast.

Since then, they started acting more carefully and divided into several groups. They, however, did not take part in fighting and were busy terrorising locals in the vicinity of Borodianka, Babyntsi, Katiuzhanka and Lyutizh. At the same time, they were shooting videos for social media.

That is, although the Kadyrovites have been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, their participation in the fighting has never been seen. Kadyrov’s militants are called “PR troops” because according Ruslan Leviev, the founder of the investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team, everything they do is shooting videos for social media.

According to the SBU counterintelligence, on March 13, the Kadyrovites were taken from Kyiv region via Belarus and then by air to Chechnya. However, Ramzan Kadyrov has recently claimed that he’s sending another thousand troops to Ukraine.


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