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who we are

EMPR (an abbreviation of Euromaidan PR, our official Twitter account) is #1 independent citizen media about Ukraine from a point of view of ordinary Ukrainian citizens, born on the barricades of Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity, investigating, giving analysis and reporting the TRUTH for the rest of the world. Our reporters are ordinary people. EMPR is entirely independent, reliant on our volunteers and we reject any owner or large donor who may affect our independence.

what we do

EMPR focuses on developing the capacity of Ukrainian citizens to engage with the international community and disseminate news on actual events in Ukraine as a window into conflict areas in times of crisis and as a guide in times of reforms. 

The main official platforms we work on:

Twitter account: @EuromaidanPR

website: empr.media


In the early January 2014 the group of activists established EuromaidanPR as community to help international journalists who didn’t speak Ukrainian with reliable information on citizens protest against corruption regime – Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.
EuromaidanPR had HQ in the Trade Unions House [at the heart of Euromaidan] in the center of Kyiv and direct communication with international press that came to Kyiv.
Besides off-line direct communication with journalists, on-line Facebook platforms, YouTube Channel and Twitter account with the same name EuromaidanPR have been established and more than 250 volunteers all over the World have been involved.
Euromaidan PR community aims to share the truth on events on:
  • Revolution of Dignity (January – February 2014),
  • Crimea occupation (February – April 2014) and
  • Russian intervention in Ukraine (March 2014 – up to now).
In May 2014 EMPR has been officially registered to establish Independent Citizen Media, which continues disseminate truthful news on the latest updates from Ukraine via contstant Twitter account @EuromaidanPRYouTube Channel Euromaidan PR as well as  this web site empr.media.

 EMPR achievements

At the early begining, without any investments, EMPR beat Russia Today (@RT_com), BBC News (@BBCWorld), AFP (@AFP), Kyiv Post (@KyivPost), the Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) as well as Reuters (@Reuters) and was named the most quoted  during the 2014 Crisis in Ukraine.

EMPR news is followed by various international media, including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, Vice News, Washington Post, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Telegraph, Amnesty International, Bloomberg etc.
Foreign Embassies and Ukrainian Embassies abroad, Presidential Administrations, European Parliament press secretary, International organizations, Ministries of Foreign Affair, top officials and politicians, ambassadors to UN and EP as well as ordinary people throughout the world also follow and read EMPR’s information.
EMPR YouTube videos have been used by the studios of KennedyFilms KWWFP, CNN, The Times, Channel 4 News, Northern & Shell Daily Express, BBC Worldwide, Daily Mail, Guardian, Trinity Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Yahoo, MSN, Bulls Press Sweden. EMPR tweets are quoted by Media representatives from WP, NYT, the Guardians, ABCNews, ViceNews, VOA etc; International Organizations, Embassies, Ambassadors and officials.
The EMPR team has assisted BBC in managing content for its programs during Euromaidan in February; Al Jazeera useds our information for its own reports on Ukraine and Crimea in March; our team was interviewed by Simon Ostrovsky from VICE News on the Presidential election issues in June; Jessica King from CNN requested us on MH17 breaking video and info updates in July, etc. We also cooperate with various media agencies on video footage production.
EMPR also provides informational support  to the Oscar nominated movie about Euromaidan  events and Revolution of Dignity – “Winter On File”, which is available on Netflix.
EMPR is proud to have a solid list of well-know, professional and famous followers as follows: International media, journalists, politics, governmental and civil society organizations as well as Ukrainian media, officials, and governmental organizations.
EMPR news, articles, photo and video reports are read by wide audience all over the world and including Ukrainians who lives abroad.
EMPR appreciates your trust and goes on in searching for the truth 24/7!
EMPR have the following partners, who represent governmental and civil society organizations and operate in various areas:
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